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Intimation to T.T Players

The Goa State Major Ranking T.T Tournament 2017 will now be conducted from 17th Nov to 22nd Nov 2017. All the Goa T.T. players please take note of this change in dates.

Goa State T.T. Chamoinship 2017 which was sheduled from 2nd Nov to 6th Nov 2017 has been postponed and the dates for the conduct of the same shall be intimated in due couse

Ranked T.T. players who are willing to participate in South Zone National Ranking Championship 2017 may submit their names alongwith the entry fees to the Secretory, GTTA in advance before 7th Aug 2017 by 6.00 PM. Kindly take note that names recieves after this date shall not be considered for forwarding the entries.

Rules for organisation of Ranking Tournaments

1. Adequate lighting at minimum 3mt above table with not less than 450 lux intensity.

2. Flooring of the hall should not be slippery.

3. Each table should have at least one umpire conversant with rules of the table tennis game.

4. Minimum prize should be as under
    Mini cadets winners Rs 1500, R.U Rs 1000
    Cadets: - winners Rs 2000, R.U Rs 1500
   Sub Jr. :- Winners Rs 3000, R.U Rs 2000
   Juniors: - Winners Rs 3500, R.U Rs 2500
   Youth :- Winners Rs 4000, R.U Rs 3000
   Seniors: - Winners Rs 4000, R.U Rs 3000

5. Chief umpires fee: Rs 1000 per day and transportation Rs 250 in & around Panjim & Rs 500 out of around Panjim.

6. Those clubs organising Cadet & Sub Jr. should also organise Mini-Cadets.


Mini cadet boys         mini cadet girls

1. AkshanLawande        1. Galyafernandes

2. Aaron Farias            2. Leoma fernandes

                        3. sunidhisawaikar

                       4. DaviaPinto


1. ShanteshMapshekar      1. Sneha Mesta

2. AravIyer               2. Riya Sardesai

3. Priyam Redkar         3. SimranKubal

4. Advait Mudras           4. Trisha Humnavar

5. AkshanLawande          5.shivani dhamapurkar

6. Aron Farias            6.AnushriNaik

                        7.Diya Sen

                        8.Galya fernandes



Diya Sen
1. NageshVerenker             1. Tania Patil

2. ShanteshMapshekar           2. SnehaRane

3. NilayKamat               3. SamishShetye

4. AravIyer                4. Aditi Chodankar

5. Jayz Gomes               5. Sneha Mesta

6. Amogbauchiker             6. SimranKubal

7. VedSardesai               7. Janvi Naik Dalal

8. AdvaitPanandiker             8. Alya Arora

9. UpendraTalaudiker             9. Najida Sheikh

10. AmanNaik                10.Riya Sardesai


1. Wesley Rosario       1. TanisiKirtani

2. KarthikIyer          2. Prutha Pariker

3. RutuzSonawane       3. Tania Patil

4. Mandhar Joshi        4. SnehaRane

5. NageshVerenker       5. Aditi Chodankar

6. ShanteshMapshekar      6. SanishaShetye

7. ShaswatMapshekar      7. Suchetan Bansal

8. Jaedon Gomes        8. IshaBhandary

MENS               WOMENS

1. Wesley Rosario      1. TanisiKirtani

2. Diljit           2. Prutha Pariker

3. Dhiraj Rai         3. Tania Patil

4. Manish Yadav       4. Eleanor Rosario

5. KarthikIyer          5. SnehaRane

6. Noel Norohna        6. Aditi Chodanker

7. RutuzSonawane      7. SanishaShetye

8. Mandhar Joshi       8. Ishabhandary

9. NageshVerenker      9. UtkarshaShiwani

10. ShanteshMapshekar

Club Tennis the Gasper Dias TT Tournament 2017


26th June Mini Cadet and Cadet boys and girls semis included

27th Sub Junior Girls Junior Girls and ladies (Semis will be played on first July)

28th Sub Junior Boys(Semis will be played on first July)

29th Junior Boys (Semis will be played on first July)

30th Mens (Semis will be played on 1st July)

1st July semifinals of Sub Junior Girls Junior Girls Ladies Sub Junior Boys Junior Boys and Mens

2nd July Veterence Matches will be played in the morning from 9am onwards and finals shald be played from 5pm onward

All the matches will start from 3:30pm everyday
Draws Club Tennis De Gasper Dias Majior Ranking TT Tournament 2017 Mini Cadat (Boys)

11Even Sports Inter-School State Championship Goa 2016

Please find here the Entry Form for the 11Even Sports Inter-School State Championship.


All Players from Goa desirous of playing at national level has to be registered with TTFI.
Please send a photograph and original birth certificate for registration.
Contact Nilesh Kirtani for additional details

All registered players interested in playing for the zonal events can send their entries to the association.
The calendar is available on the TTFI website www.TTFI.org.
For additional details Nilesh Kirtani can be contacted.


The Executive Committee of GTTA has authorised Shri Nilesh S Kirtani
an executive committee member to assist the association with regards to travelling and other incidental works in order to participate at the Nationals. All the selected players are kindly requested to contact Shri Kirtani on +919326095497 for any assistance in the above matter.
The Players selected for nationals along with preferred train details are mentioned in the News section.